Who We Are

GOLMEX has been operating as a dry port since 1997 on its property in the Bruno Pagliai Industrial City in Veracruz . Since 2000 it has operated as a terminal for containers and general cargo within the Port Area of Veracruz.

Importers and exporters who choose the Port of Veracruz as their point of call for intermodal transport, as well as the customs agents and cargo agents who support them, will find that GOLMEX offers complete logistical support for offloading their merchandise in the least time possible and with maximum security.

Our objective is to provide manoeuvres and services for national and international industry, to bring solutions to its requirements for storage, manoeuvres, and logistics under categories and standards of services that are adapted to the needs of world trade.


To efficiently provide the cargo services that importers and exporters require, to fulfill their logistics plans securely and on time, while carefully preserving the qualitative and quantitative qualities of the products that have been given over to our management, custody and storage.


To be the best company in cargo services for international trade, integrating the operations of our customers in a long term relationship to contribute to their productivity and quality goals.